Susannah BaldwinI had no idea how much I would get out of the ALCN course. People had been telling me for years I should be a coach. I had been a successful consultant and facilitator in leadership development and presentation skills and am a trained psychologist, so had a lot of skills, but never felt comfortable as a coach. I wanted to understand the key frameworks for coaching, how to conduct coaching sessions, how to get away from my “therapy” orientation and start a practice of just coaching. I had been traveling all over the country for years as an independent contractor for three consulting firms. I wanted to start a practice that was not travel- dependent, based on my own clients and in a more intimate relationship with people.

I got everything I wanted. ALCN coach training program helped me really understand the nature of coaching and the coaching relationship, what you are working toward that’s so much bigger than “goals” and so many tools for opening up the coaching process and moving people forward in their lives. That would have been

enough, but over the course of the training, you have time to examine your own purpose and vision for your practice. I got excellent coaching while in the program because there were so many smart, skilled people in my course.

I also learned how to start coaching. We covered all the basics of building a coaching practice. How to speak about what you do as a coach, how to structure a coaching contract, how to conduct the ICF coaching model in each coaching session, how to evaluate and stay on track with a client’s goals and how to use the many NLP coaching tools we were taught to keep moving people forward.

I left the NLP Coach Training program clear on what type of practice I wanted, who my target audience would be and knowing why I was perfectly suited to do the work. The combination of my background in psychology, leadership and presentation skills makes me a perfect coach for leaders who have problems with communication – either specific presentations or communication across the board. I like working with people who are having trouble, as partnering with your client to problem solve is very satisfying to me. I took a lot of the ALCN templates to start for contracts, questionnaires, summary notes and descriptions of coaching. They helped me feel confident and then over time I made them my own. I now have a full time practice of coaching clients and am making more money than I did working as a contractor for other firms. I work primarily in the Technology and Bio Technology industry with clients such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Adobe, AutoDesk, Genentech and Gilead.

Helen, the founder, is a master. You need only watch her to understand that what is transacting between her and the client, is profoundly powerful. It was a privilege to be exposed to her work. I was mentored in order to complete my credentialing with ICF. ALCN made the whole process easy and the mentoring provided invaluable learning.

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