Roger WeiI did not know what real coaching was until I attended the NLP coach training program. The skills that I learnt gave me the tools that I could easily start coaching without any hesitation.

I started creating my own ripple of change immediately on completion of the NLP coach training from my commitment to the inner change to align myself with my mission. I then created actions and aligned my behaviors to impact people within my environment. People who change themselves will create change in the people around them, that’s the ripple effect!. I have saw that many people who have read my micro messages have become more positive in their lives and willing to share more positive energy to society and able to donate their care and love to people who are in need here in China.

I went through a hero’s journey coaching exercise in the last

module. It further strengthened my belief about what I need to do today in order to make my dream come true in ten years, which is to give a percentage of my companies income to non-profits in China to create a better life for the people less fortunate in my country.

I had my business partners go through the same coaching exercise and I saw how committed they are on a completely different level to our business and we are now all aligned at a mission level. NLP coaching taught me how to think positively and how to face any challenges that our business encounters. Besides work, I also learned from the coach training how to appreciate anything and every person that shows up in my life. To me, NLP coaching is about the art of communication.

NLP Coach Training changed the way I think and how I behave. It continues to create a ripple effect.

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