Nayef MoukhtarI am a passionate Certified NLP Life Coach, a life-long learner with diversified academic background and more than a decade of government experience and significant exposure. I am turning 39 and I have two wonderful daughters. Years ago, I used to work as an economist with a M.Sc. in Economics and Social Policy Analysis.

Four years ago I decided to change my career. My passion for helping people has been always my “driver” in my personal life and professional career. This passion drove me to spend more than twelve years working in the government in Egypt, serving people through public policy reforms. This same passion sent me to explore new countries in order to achieve my ultimate goal,. I invested time, money and effort to make the necessary changes in my professional life. I initially traveled to Dubai to get introduced to the coaching profession, and decided to resign from my job and start my

new journey. I realized that in-order to able to help people change, I needed to change myself first. I did my research and the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP was the right answer. Why?  I was looking for:

  • International Coaching Federation ACTP approved program
  • An intensive course for international students that had experience working with various cultures.
  • A friendly learning environment (and that was obvious from my first call with Helen Attridge – the founder of ALCN)
  • A program that integrates NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with the ICF coaching model.

I attended the NLP Coach Certification Summer Intensive Program in 2011. It was really transformational for me as a person and as a professional in the coaching field. We had fun while learning powerful NLP coaching tools and techniques in a safe environment with incredible team spirit. It is worth noting that my relationship with ALCN didn’t end at the end of the training course, I am still receiving continuous support in moving forward with my vision.

In a short period of time and challenging circumstances, I was able to successfully establish and build a successful coaching business in Cairo. Testimonials from my clients show that my choice regarding ALCN was the right one.

I have created many ripples of change in Egypt and my next ripple is going to be in Dubai, where I am currently seeking new business and learning opportunities.

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