I attended the NLP Coach Certification in 2013. I had recently left my job to start my own consulting business and was spending the summer in Europe, all part of the plan for my new life. I was researching coaching schools to attend and actually talked with Helen about the NLP Coach Certification program by skype while sitting in an Italian cafe. That conversation ended my searching for a program. I had found the program for me.

The NLP Coach Certification was impactful for me personally and professionally. Professionally it greatly impacted my current and future clients. I worked with one client both before and after attending the program and he was amazed by the difference in my coaching. Using what I had learned in the program I coached him through a challenging transition which led to his position as Vice President of a large, multinational program. More important was the impact on his life, which he says was profound.

The NLP Coach Certification program not only helped me professionally, it also had a positive impact on my personal life. The program supported me in my dream of entrepreneurship but even more important it helped me through a challenging time in my life. When I joined the program, I was at the beginning stages of starting a business, I was struggling being a mom to a strong-willed girl (I know it’s a good thing) and I had just found out I was pregnant which wasn’t planned (also a good thing but it didn’t feel like it at the time). The coaching I received in the program from teachers and peers helped me really examine my life. It profoundly changed how I saw myself and it wasn’t a temporary change, it is still impacting how I live my life today.

Since attending the program I have continued running my consulting business which includes coaching leaders, teaching leadership workshops and working with executive leadership teams. I work with leaders who want to show up authentically in the workplace and make big positive changes in their workplace and in the world. I support them by helping them identify what’s really important so that they can lead others and live life according to those values. Everyday I strive to live my life the same way.

Jana Anders

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