ChinaOut of the billions of people on this planet, how many of us have felt the drive to make a change? Not only in ourselves but also in the world around us. The answer to that is everyone! But we all have to ask ourselves, do we really know how to act on these feelings or help guide others? This is where training as a coach can really come in and help us improve our lives and the lives of others!

The trainers and coaches from the Academy of Coaching and NLP (ACN) are always on the move and looking to help make another person’s dream come true. People who seek out this coach certification program come from all walks of life and many different countries and cultures. Helen Attridge, President and Training Director of ACN, has taken great pride in her work and continues to strive for excellence. One country that stands out above the rest both with its hunger for knowledge and drive for change is China. The Chinese have shown that they have the integrity to make change happen NOW. There have been several success stories coming out of China due to the efforts put forth by ACN. Among these are people who have gone on to pursue their dreams of introducing coach programs to empower leaders and help them have the courage to come from their heart while honoring their traditional values, and introducing a new model that includes coaching into the Chinese school system with the big dream of helping develop more of the whole human’s potential and creating a “ripple of change” in the next generation of leaders.

So the next time you’re sitting down to a cup of coffee or turning on your TV and the feeling that a change in the world needs to happen, what will you do? Will you take the initiative much like the people of China and get the ball rolling? My advice is to follow that drive and see where it takes you!

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