The Reticular Activating System

RAS brainPart of your brain known as the Reticular Activating System (RAS) plays a vital part in your ability to achieve your goals. The RAS brings relevant information to your attention, acting like a filter between your conscious mind and subconscious, for example: being able to hear and pick out your name being announced out of general background noise at a busy airport passenger terminal.

How can that help you achieve your goals?
You can program your RAS! Some ways of doing this are through saying affirmations and visualizing your goals in positive ways. What is needed is the creation of a very specific picture of your goal in your conscious mind. The RAS passes this on to the subconscious – which will then help achieve the goal. It does this by bringing to our attention all the relevant information which otherwise might have remained as “background noise.”

(Part two of this article continues tomorrow)…

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