Global students attend ICF approved programs and become a life coach, executive coach or leadership coach

As a leadership coach, it is my privilege to guide business executives in both leadership development coaching sessions and coach training scenarios. In today’s global workforce, success is closely tied to a leader’s ability to inspire and coach across different cultures. With this in mind, the ALCN team has been busy this fall, leading top level executives in coach training programs in both Estonia and China, as well as supporting internal coaching in several international organizations. In fact, at the time of this blog’s publication, we just completed a coach training program in Shanghai, China.

Our China based coach training started in early September. The first of this 10-day course, taught by ALCN Executive Coach and Trainer Andrew Machon, took place September 5-9th. The second session started on November 6 and ended on the 10th. This session was facilitated by ALCN President, Helen Attridge, a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.

Our Estonia leadership coach training programs started back in August and will wrap up in February 2016. This program also included 10 coach training days, but is spread out over several months. The course is being facilitated by ALCN graduate Ivar Lukk, Executive and Team Coach and Founder of Milton Pro, as well as Andrew Machon and Helen Attridge.

Both the China and Estonia Coach training programs will cover ALCN’s NLP Coaching Skills for Leaders program, which is an ASCTH ICF certified International coach training program that provides 60 accredited coach specific training hours (ACC coaching skill level). The course uses realistic leadership scenarios specifically designed for top level executives as they guide team members to create a coaching culture within their organizations. Individuals who attend this program will learn critical coaching skills and their application, based on the unique organizational challenges that leaders face in today’s ever-changing global marketplace.

Our NLP Coaching skills for leaders training program was designed with the specific goal of supporting leaders globally so that they can effectively implement an end-to-end coaching process with organizational team members. Additionally participants are taught to use powerful NLP coaching techniques in a conversational manner to empower, support and influence team members. We believe that these skills will allow course participants to reach their full potential as leaders of businesses worldwide, while delivering tangible and important results to the global organizations in which they work. We will be expanding next year into several new countries around the globe through our international team at ALCN as well as international companies with the intent to build or improve their internal coaching culture.

At ALCN, we are thrilled to work with leaders across the globe. We have been privileged to hear from our ALCN graduates regarding how our coach training courses have impacted their lives and have given them the strategies they need to be effective as a leader using powerful coaching skills combined with NLP techniques. If you would like more information about ALCN’s international coach training programs, please feel free to contact us!

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