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Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP Program


The Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP is dedicated to the training and support of coaches, leaders and businesses on a global scale. ALCN’s philosophy teaches students powerful NLP coaching techniques and then gives them ongoing support as they learn how to create a coaching environment within their own practice or business culture. We are the only ICF-approved international coaching and leadership development training academy to combine NLP coaching techniques with a coaching model based on our unique mentoring approach and our global coaching eco-system. As you go through our training process, you’ll experience profound personal and professional growth.

Our programs are taught by successful coaches who have deep coaching experience and a truly global perspective. We have trained coaches in all four corners of the world, including China, Egypt, Russia, Sweden, Spain, the UK, Australia and the United States. Our corporate attendees have come to us from a wide range of companies including: GlaxoSmithKline, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Peking University, PayPal, Apple, Genentech, Stryker, Pandora, Walmart, Ikea, Stanford Children’s Hospital, Interaction Associations, and Deloitte.

Our coach training programs attract individuals who aim to be leaders in the coaching field, leaders who want to add coaching to their existing skillset, leaders in transition seeking coaching skills and anyone interested in the deep powerful transformation that comes from experiencing 6 months of personal and professional coaching in a 3-week intensive coach training format. All of our programs—our leadership development programs, leadership retreats, and individual leadership coaching—appeal to managers, leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 managers, leaders from the political arena, as well as community leaders from around the world.

Our goal at ALCN is to give people the skills and tools to make transformation happen. No matter which program you select, we will work to support you as you achieve your goals and create a life you love to wake up to—and help bring about positive change in your life, community, organizations and the world.


ALCN is the culmination of 20 plus years working in the personal development field and 15 years of working on and teaching coaching and leadership development programs based on adult learning models combined with powerful NLP techniques. We offer unique intensive programs in retreat-like settings that takes both learning and connecting far beyond the classroom. In our programs, we bring together the mind and the body in a way that gives our coaches unique insights and coaching skills. Our programs also include a focus on building a strong international network. We cater to students from across the globe and have welcomed individuals from 45 different nations.

We are passionate about this international focus because it resonates with the business model of today’s most successful organizations. Technology has made a global reach more attainable than ever before. With that in mind, we strive to understand and speak to the opportunities and challenges faced by working within this new reality. In today’s global workforce, success as a leader or a coach is closely tied to the ability to communicate, inspire, and coach across cultures and age groups.

At ALCN, we work with both coaches and mentors to create a global coaching eco-system. This format allows the student to eventually take on a coaching role in their own business environments, community, or country. Corporate leaders are taught how to take the NLP and coaching skills they have earned, back to their organization to begin building a coaching culture amongst team members and employees.

What You Get With ALCN

Students from around the globe attend ALCN programs to become a life coach, executive coach, or leadership coach


Tap into ALCN’s extensive international experience, and make connections with coaches, leaders and mentors from around the globe. We’re excited to welcome you into our global eco-system of coaches and leaders.

ALCN combines neuro linguistic programming coaching techniques with extensive experience


Boost your professional development and personal performance with cutting-edge NLP techniques that will transform how you think, learn, communicate and evolve.

Earn ICF credentials with the ACTP accredited intensive program


ALCN’s full 125-hour intensive program is ACTP accredited – the highest standard of coach training set by the International Coach Federation. This provides prospective coaches everything needed to receive an ICF Credential. We also offer customized programs for companies wishing to develop a coaching culture.

Perspective from Helen Attridge, ALCN Founder

Helen Attridge, ALCN Founder, is a global leadership coach, master certified coach, and NLP master practitionerWhen I first completed my own coach certification program almost 2 decades ago, I never imagined I would be where I am today. My goal has always been to support others in living as their best self while enjoying a happy, balanced, and fulfilling life. What a journey coaching has turned out to be for me both personally and professionally! Coaching and NLP changed me in transformational and life changing ways I find it hard to describe. Now, a 20-year veteran of the coach training and leadership development field, I see my role is to guide people past inner and outer obstacles in order to realize dreams on any scale. The only question I ask is, “just how far do you want to go?”

At the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP, I have the privilege of training coaches and leaders from around the world in all aspects of coaching—from life coaching to business coaching to executive and leadership coaching. It is my goal to empower coaches and leaders to achieve their visions, dreams and wildest aspirations. I am called upon to coach entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and leaders from diverse fields and business acumen to achieve next-level growth and wide-ranging positive change.

I have worked hard to build ALCN into an organization that grants students the highest ICF credentials. We integrate ICF’s pure coaching model with powerful NLP coaching techniques all while fostering major personal transformation in our attendees along the way. ALCN offers a variety of leadership development programs, leadership coaching, and customized coach training programs for companies wishing to build a coaching culture. I continually consult with companies globally to ensure that we’re always demonstrating how to build the ideal coaching culture, including understanding what makes a coaching culture work or not work.

I am credentialed by the ICF as a Master Certified Coach, a level of skill and experience shared by only 4% of coaches worldwide. Prior to becoming the Founder of ALCN, I was the Graduate Director and a Coach for the Hoffman Institute and an International Trainer for the NLP Institute of California. I have trained in the tools and technologies developed by Tony Robbins, and was a Master Results Coach for the Anthony Robbins Company, coaching CEOs and executives internationally. I have also had the pleasure of serving as a Facilitator/ Life Coach for Womensquest Outdoor Adventure Company where I was able to share my passion for the outdoors.

In addition, I have presented on NLP and Leadership at Stanford Graduate School of Business and at Peking University Platform in Beijing. I have facilitated coach training programs and leadership development programs around the world and am a featured author in the book Ready, Aim, Influence, an international bestseller in the top 10 of Amazon’s Hot Releases in the Business & Investing section.

My journey began in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where I was born and raised. Since then, I have traveled extensively, working my way through Europe, the Middle East, North America, Central America, Asia, and Australia. I consider myself a global citizen and a lifelong learner. My personal mission is to grow, love and passionately contribute to the lives of others.

Read an interview with Helen (note that the Academy of Coaching & NLP is now the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP)



Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is a set of powerful multi-dimensional processes that involve the development of behavioral competence, flexibility, and strategic thinking. NLP helps people detect conscious and unconscious thinking and behavioral patterns in order to rewire the pathways in their brains. A cutting-edge communications modality, NLP is used widely to enhance professional development and personal performance.

The brain is our personal supercomputer, and yet most of us spend more time learning to program our smart phones than we do our brains. This is why NLP is a crucial piece of coaching or leadership development training that can be lacking. The combination of coaching and NLP techniques helps create lasting positive behavioral changes in ourselves and others. For more information, read Coaching and NLP by Jan Elfline, MCC.

NLP is widely used to enhance professional development and personal performance

Meet Our Faculty

Helen Attridge, Founder, International Trainer, Leadership Coach, Master NLP Practitioner

Helen AttridgeFounder, International Trainer, Leadership Coach., Master NLP Practitioner

Helen is the Founder of Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP. She is credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach, a level of skill and experience shared by only 4 percent of coaches worldwide. For almost two decades Helen has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of professionals globally as a Leadership Coach and International Trainer. In her individual coaching practice she works with leaders from around the world on achieving next-level growth and creating wide-ranging positive change. With a background in program development, Helen specializes in creating customized coach trainings and retreats for executives and leadership teams.

Helen’s global vision and training expertise are a result of many years of travel and training in different modalities of human development. She is passionate about creating change in the world and is known for the passion, energy, enthusiasm and the deep coaching knowledge that she brings to the training room. Leaders and coaches from around the world say that Helen is one of the best trainers they have ever experienced.

Andrew Machon, International Trainer, Professional Certified Coach, Author

Andrew MachonInternational Trainer, Professional Certified Coach, Author

Dr Andrew Machon is an experienced Executive and Life Coach working in major multinational companies for over 20 years. He specializes in helping other coaches to develop. In his work with Glaxosmithkline he has guided managers, leaders and the organization through major transitions and mentors managers from around the world into integrating’ manager as coach skills’ into their organization. Andrew is also a qualified Psychotherapist, A PHD Scientist and an experienced Change Practitioner, specializing in facilitating individual, team and organizational change.  He is also a visiting teaching fellow in Positive Psychology at Buckingham New University in London. Andrew believes coaching is vital to discovering your most authentic and resourceful self, an essential skill and awareness of the leader. Coaching enables development through change and creates empowerment and personal accountability. He is an established author; his latest book, The Coaching Secret-How to be an Exceptional Coach, was published in 2010. Andrew is viewed as a modern day mystic in the business world.

Trish Barron, International Trainer, Professional Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner & Author

Trish BarronInternational Trainer, Professional Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner & Author

Trish Barron, MPH, is an Executive Coach, an International Trainer and Organizational Consultant who is passionate about partnering with her clients to assist them in achieving the results they desire, both personally and professionally. She is a certified coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and an NLP Master Practitioner through NLP Comprehensive. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Health. Trish launched her coaching and consulting practice in 1996 after spending nearly 10 years with a Fortune 500 Health and Consumer Products company in a leadership role. Her coaching and consulting experience has breadth and depth; she works as a coach and mentor coach for Glaxosmithkline, as well as a Trainer and Coach for a diverse range of organizations and individuals worldwide. She is a co-author of Daring to have Real Conversations in Business.

Nick LeForce, International Trainer, Professional Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner &Author

Nick LeForceInternational Trainer, Professional Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner & Author

Nick LeForce has over 20 years’ experience teaching others how to be highly effective as communicators and coaches. His genuine expertise plus engaging training style have made him highly sought after by business organizations and NLP institutes throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. He is an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified NLP Trainer and holds a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Administration from the University of San Francisco McLaren School of Business and undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Social Welfare. Nick specializes in Value–Based Life Management Skills, helping individuals and businesses to identify governing values and use those values to create compelling goals, make effective decisions, manage time, overcome barriers to success, communicate persuasively, and achieve desired outcomes. He is the author of  ‘Healing the Hurts of the Heart and Breaking the Shackles of Emotional Debt’ and co-author of ‘Coaching in the Workplace, Coaching Skills for Peak Performance.’ Nick has a deep love of poetry and is known for bringing deep knowledge and humor to training environment, along with some great poems.

Adam Reynolds, International Trainer, Professional Certified Coach & NLP Master Practitioner

Adam ReynoldsInternational Trainer, Professional Certified Coach & NLP Master Practitioner

Adam is an Executive Coach and Consultant, providing results oriented coaching to Fortune 500 clients based on an in-depth understanding of individuals and human systems. Since 1994, he has amassed more than 7,500 hours of coaching, teaching, and facilitation experience to become one of the country’s top leadership advisors. Adam’s coaching style is neutral, focused, and quickly gets to the source of the situation. He has a remarkable ability to ask the right questions in order to assist his clients in executives achieve new levels of success within their work environment and personal lives.

Laurel Callan, Trainer, Professional Certified Coach & NLP Master Practitioner

Laurel CallanTrainer, Professional Certified Coach & NLP Master Practitioner

Laurel Callan has been a corporate and life coach for over 15 years. She is passionate about deep, transformative work that inspires leaders to create healthier, more creative organizations, families, and communities. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), a Certified NLP Coach, and an NLP Master Practitioner. In addition to coaching, her work has included group facilitation, personal development training, organizational consulting, corporate recruiting and training, merger integration, and experiential learning design. Laurel holds an MBA from the J.L Kellogg School of Management with concentrations in Management Strategy, Organization Behavior, and Finance.

Susan Fox, Trainer, Professional Certified Coach & Master NLP Practitioner

Susan FoxTrainer, Professional Certified Coach & Master NLP Practitioner

Susan Fox, MA, is a Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), an NLP Master Practitioner through NLP Institute of California, a certified health and wellness coach through Wellcoaches, and a certified practitioner of hypnosis through the NLP Institute of California. Susan does leadership coaching with executives and groups, and works with people one on one to help them find new careers, balance their lives, improve their relationships, work more effectively, clarify and reach their goals, and be at their best. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher through the White Lotus Foundation.

Tanya Thomas, Trainer, Master Certified Coach & Master NLP Practitioner

Tanya ThomasTrainer, Master Certified Coach & Master NLP Practitioner

Tanya Thomas is a professional coach who excels at individual, group and corporate coaching, she has been coaching clients internationally for over 20 years. Tanya is the President of Premier Coaching Group, a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Senior Trainer and Master Coach with The Anthony Robbins Companies. Tanya has an MBA degree from National University with concentration in Human Development, Advanced CTI Certification from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and is currently working towards her Ph.D. degree in Professional Coaching and Human Development. She has been working with the Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP for 8 years mentoring students from around the world for ICF credentialing. Tanya has a wide range of clients from around the globe who she works with via phone or Skype.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants are a valuable part of our team. All graduates of ALCN or the NLP & Coaching Institute of California are eligible for consideration.

If you’re interested in immersing yourself in advanced coaching and NLP course material and working closely with our expert faculty, we want to hear from you. Please email us for application form.

Graduates of ALCN or NLP Coaching Institute can become teaching assistants

“I have been both a participant and an assistant at ALCN. The International Intensive is an outstanding coach training program that provides all the necessary tools and skills to either initiate your own coaching practice or become an internal coach for organizations. The international diversity of the participants provides an amazing global perspective, allowing to better integrate the coaching principles and tools to any environment and culture.”

–Maria del Carmen Navarro
HR Strategist and Executive Coach