July is the month we celebrate national independence, and it makes me think of how, when you first start your coaching business, you’re often faced with a lot of FREEDOM! Maybe it’s the first time you’ve gotten a chance to design your life, your schedule, your workplace the way you want it to be. I often get asked, what’s a typical day in the life of a coach?

My typical day as a life coach is totally different from any other coach. As a life or business coach, it’s exciting: you get to design how you work! Your career as a life coach is all about who you are: how you want to schedule your days and what works best for you.

When you move into coaching, you’ll find, as I did, that you will love designing your own schedule and creating the environment you work best in. I coach all of my clients by phone, and I work from home—from my home office, my sofa, my garden, or by my fireplace in the winter. I work in an environment that totally supports and nurtures me.

I’ll also change my schedule to suit my needs and to fit in all I want to do and learn. In the summer, for example, I’ll change my schedule in order to end work earlier and get out to enjoy the outdoors. My schedule varies month to month because sometimes I facilitate the life coaching sections of Womensquest and of course I teach both nationally and internationally for ACN. I like to keep my schedule flexible, and that’s what I tell my clients when I first start working with them.

On a typical day, I give myself time to wake up, have breakfast, and then go for a morning hike if I want to. I write my intentions in my journal and really set the frame for the day. Usually around 10 am I will start coaching clients, and work for 3-4 hours.

I typically work with clients three days a week. The other days I’ll focus on the business end of coaching, which includes marketing and networking. A typical day for marketing my business includes phone calls to old clients, following up on referrals, writing my newsletter, connecting with my marketing team and responding to emails.

You get to create a schedule that works best for you: do you know how you’d like to spend your day as a life coach?

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