Successful Coaches1) Successful coaches know that completing a coaching program is an important first step. Next is to work with a more experienced coach to support you in taking your vision for your personal and professional life to the next level. Clients want to work with coaches who they see are living the life of their dreams and are walking their talk. This type of energy is a natural attractor.

2) They know who their ideal client is, what that client needs help with and they LOVE working with this type of client. Their client feels their love and support and their coaches belief in them and their dreams for their future. This creates the powerful coaching relationship that supports clients in moving through the perceived obstacles on their path.

3) They know how to reach their ideal client, whether it is by networking, writing articles to papers or magazines their clients read, using past work experiences or connections or reaching out through the many forms of social media available today. They invest in learning about marketing and getting the expert help they need to develop their company name, a tag line that speaks to their ideal client and really clarifying what these clients want and need, what exactly their coaching will provide and helping clients understand the tangible results they can expect.

4) They learn how to run a business. Being a coach that can enroll clients is great, being able to re-enroll those clients in the next step of their dream is even better (all of us have stopping points that are blind spots). The coaches goal is to keep the client moving towards the life they want, even when they want to give up on themselves. Turning your clients into raving fans who refer to you, having a contact referral management system that supports your marketing efforts and a business plan that keeps money flowing and clients in the pipeline are all skills coaches need to learn and develop to support them doing work they love.

5) Be the best coach you can be! Hire a mentor coach to give you specific feedback to keep you learning and growing and stretching yourself towards mastery. The better you feel about your coaching, the easier it is for you to enroll clients in your services, market yourself and ask for your fee with full confidence, knowing you absolutely deserve it!

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