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Why Choose ALCN?

We are a boutique coach training company that focuses on much more than teaching the basics of leadership coach training. Students come to us because they’re looking for an exceptional, international experience and leave having learned invaluable things about themselves as well as the coaching industry. Our mind/body holistic approach to coaching will transform you on both a personal and professional level. Join us on a life changing journey that pairs classroom learning with yoga and other physical activities to take you out of your head and place you into your heart and body. We’ll help you discover hidden gifts you didn’t even know you had and guide you to becoming a better coach than you could have ever dreamed.

International NLP Coach Training & Leadership Development

At the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP, we believe that coaching can change the world…one inspiring coach at a time. Our goal is to help you become that coach.

We offer a unique intensive program in a retreat-like setting where you will learn powerful ICF approved coaching techniques combined with NLP guaranteed to connect you with your inner coach. Join us for one of our intensives, designed by a global citizen with 27 years of experience in the field of human development and 20+ years of coaching experience, and get 6 months of coaching in just 3 weeks on launching the next level of your life.

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ALCN Founder and President Helen Attridge.

Are you ready for the personal and professional development journey or a lifetime? At the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP you will learn how to transform others and find yourself transformed in the process.

Our mission is to help you become the kind of inner-directed, highly skilled coach and leader in your organization or company and of your own life that achieves the most audacious dreams and goes on to create positive change in your life, business, community, and the world at large.

The Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP is a International Coach Federation-approved international coach training and leadership development company. When you complete one of our intensives, you’ll be more than just a certified NLP Leadership Coach, you’ll be a member of our extensive family of successful coaches.

Accredited Life Coach Training Program

NLP Winter Intensive Program

Your culture is our culture.

4: number of continents in which we’ve trained coaches

5,400: of coaches trained

45: number of nationalities represented in our attendees

Our international programs draw people from across the world, creating a unique and diverse learning environment. We like to think of our classroom as a microcosm of the world today. When you attend ALCN, you truly become part of a global community.

Coaching Success Stories

Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP international graduates create ripples of change in their lives, organizations, and communities by using the skills they learned at ALCN’s coaching programs.

Get inspired by graduates representing all walks of life, ages, and corners of the earth including: China, Indonesia, Egypt, Israel, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Sweden, and USA. Having completed training and receiving certification, these passionate graduates now work with executives, policy makers, and decision makers or as successful life coaches around the world, fulfilling their own dreams and bringing positive change to the lives of others.

Download ALCN Coaching Success Stories now and see how their experience with us has transformed their lives and the lives of countless others.

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Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP ebook

“I wanted an ICF-approved school that offered the ICF coaching model combined with NLP. That’s precisely what I got! The course took my coaching skills to a different level, and most of all filled me with joy, compassion, and love from the students and trainers. Six month after the training, I opened a new company with executive coaching as the central component and I’m happy to report it’s booming.”

Lars Alberyd, CEO & Founding Partner
7C Group AB, Stockholm, Sweden